Friday, August 31, 2007


NotesSQL driver and MS Access observations

I've seen this before but didn't spend the time to address it. Using the NotesSQL driver and creating a link to a Notes view, you see some columns with titles of '_21' or '_19'. In the past, I just created a query or report in MS Access and changed the name. Today, a user pressed me so I took a deeper look. I noticed the columns that this occurs to are columns with a formula. The columns just using the field show the internal Notes field name as the title and not the view column title. Taking a look at the column property for programmatic use, sure enough you see '$21' or '$19'. Change this property and there you go.

Another thing to note with the NotesSQL driver is an issue we had using the two versions available for download. The download page shows a Lotus NotesSQL 3.0.2i for Windows and a Lotus NotesSQL 3.02j for Windows. The description is exactly the same. We tried the 'j' version first(because j comes after i) but encountered an error in the ODBC manager and it would not allow us to create the connection. We had to uninstall the driver and go with the 'i' version.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sirius finally announces Grateful Dead channel start date

They promised it was coming this summer. They teased us with a few days of Dead programming on channel 17 Jam On. Now, the date is set for Sept 7th. Hooray! Looks like they plan on kicking it off with a show from the Hollywood Bowl from '74. I took a look on for the show and it looks like 7/21/74.
Check out the announcement here.

Here's the setlist:
set one:
1 Promised Land 4:23
2 Tennessee Jed 7:56
3 Me And My Uncle 3:14
4 Sugaree 7:45
5 Jack Straw 5:31
6 Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo > 8:36
7 It Must Have Been The Roses 6:00
8 El Paso 4:46
9 Scarlet Begonias// 7:03
10 Around And Around 5:05

total time: 60:19

1 Phil and Ned (Seastones) 12:55
set two-a:
2 China Cat Sunflower > 9:00
3 I Know You Rider 4:49
4 Big River 5:10
5 Row Jimmy 8:48

total time: 40:42

set two-end:
1 Playin' In The Band > 20:55*
2 Wharf Rat > 9:01
3 Truc//kin' >
Nobody's Jam > 10:15
4 Playin' In The Band 6:54
5 Ship Of Fools 6:43
6 Sugar Magnolia 10:42
7 U.S. Blues 5:46


Great night in the Bronx

So glad my bud, Chris, sent me an email last week asking how to get tickets to a Red Sox/Yankees game. My first thought was,"Yeah right". I've only been to a hand full of games. My neighbor called me up with free tickets last Sunday for the Tigers and it was great but Yankees/Red Sox? I did respond to Chris with a note of I'm not sure except for Stub Hub or Ebay. The next day I emailed my sister-in-law because they live near the city. I didn't expect much but my brother-in-law made a few calls and got us 4 free tickets! I was blown away. Thanks, Mark!
We got a great game too. Dice K and Andy Pettite were on the mound. Yankees had a good first inning scoring 2 runs and Dice K looked shaken. Red Sox got a run in the second and third inning and it was turning into a nail biter. Dice K settled down and Andy Pettite pitched really well. Derek Jeter finally hit a solo shot to take a 3-2 lead. Unfortunately, Jason Varitek responded with his own that made the seats just under where we were sitting. It was a 3-3 game till Johnny Damon hit a two-run shot just near the foul pole in right field. Good enough to be the winner. Joba Chamberlain hit the 100 mph mark, gave up one hit, struck out a couple and did an nice job in the 8th inning. Fans are really loving him and we got a laugh with the Jaba the Hut picture the stadium posted on the board. (Cameron Diaz was there too!) It was fun to see Mariano Rivera come in the 9th with the "Enter Sandman" theme and get the job done. I enjoyed this especially because some co-workers told me they're not intimidated by him anymore. Hee-Hee.
I was glad Chris, being a Yankee fan, was able to see a GREAT game in the Bronx. The fans got a little wild near the end when a Red Sox fan got up and started shouting negative comments about the Yanks. The New Yorkers returned the gesture. :) It's a great rivalry.
Did get home around 1:30 am so it was tough staying up last night to see Roger Clemens take on the Red Sox. I did fall asleep and wake up to see the Yanks won again in another great game. PTI guys on ESPN said Josh Beckett would take the win so it's good to see Roger prove them wrong. Nice that two ex-Red Sox throw aways did the Red Sox in two days in a row.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Lotusphere 2008 booked

Seems early, but I'm registered and have a room at the Beach Club. My wife tells me that the Swan is already taking waiting list only. Predictions of this 'Sphere being huge seem to be coming true. I plan on coming in on Friday. I'm really looking forward to seeing sessions on the new Notes 8 release. That being said, I'm studying for Notes 7 certification upgrade so I can take the test on site. I did took my 6 upgrade test at Lotusphere a couple years ago. I like taking advantage of the free self test software. I did purchase the TLCC course and a Self Test Software. I found it a nice warm up to also take the other self test software they have available at the certification site. Hope all the friends I've met over the last couple years can be there too. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is a highlight of the week. Sessions are fun and I hope I can juggle the schedule successfully. I've been able to take advantage of knowledge learned from last year's sessions and hope to do the same this next year.
Hope to see all there!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Reach Workcamp 2007 Niagara Falls, NY

So glad I finally got all the pictures from workcamp. The staff did a nice job taking cool pictures all week. I was so proud of my crew for finishing the job in one week. What a great group of kids! I hope these guys had a great summer. They can be proud of what they accomplished here in Niagara Falls, NY.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Julian Robichaux saves the day again!

I've been doing Notes development for 10 years and still get questions I've never got before. When I get a new question, I head straight over to developer forum)which is always the best resource. I was asked to export attachments in Base64 encoding. Truthfully, I didn't even know what Base64 was. First result I read in pointed to a link on Julian's site, I copied the functions into my export agent and Voila! I also tried the decode function just to see that the exported base64 file would decode back properly.
Thanks Again Julian!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Out of left field comes Bruce Springsteen's new release

Whoot! Heard the announcement on one of my Sirius radio stations. A new cd from Springsteen and the E Street Band comes out Oct 2nd. In reading the Rolling Stone article, seems Springsteen is excited about this release and possible tour. Awesome! Rock on you old guys!

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