Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Lotusphere 2008 booked

Seems early, but I'm registered and have a room at the Beach Club. My wife tells me that the Swan is already taking waiting list only. Predictions of this 'Sphere being huge seem to be coming true. I plan on coming in on Friday. I'm really looking forward to seeing sessions on the new Notes 8 release. That being said, I'm studying for Notes 7 certification upgrade so I can take the test on site. I did took my 6 upgrade test at Lotusphere a couple years ago. I like taking advantage of the free self test software. I did purchase the TLCC course and a Self Test Software. I found it a nice warm up to also take the other self test software they have available at the certification site. Hope all the friends I've met over the last couple years can be there too. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is a highlight of the week. Sessions are fun and I hope I can juggle the schedule successfully. I've been able to take advantage of knowledge learned from last year's sessions and hope to do the same this next year.
Hope to see all there!

Booked and raring to go! See you there. Kitty & Warren.
Awesome! Can't wait for swan races or what ever fun things you guys have planned ! I went the wrong way in the swan race last year so I hope to redeem myself.
Oh yes. Warren informs me he has 'plans' for Swan Races '08. He just hasn't told me what they are yet... K.
I better get in the gym soon. I was winded just climbing the stairs at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night. Need to get my leg work in before January so I don't embarrass myself again. Oh well, all in good fun.
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