Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Reach Workcamp 2007

I'm so glad I made the trip to Niagra Falls, NY to help out with the Reach Workcamp. My oldest son went last year to upstate NY. We both had an amazing time. I was crew leader for crew 45 and it was a GREAT crew. Thanks to Maddy, Miranda, Lindsay, Ben, Pat and Adam. You guys were fun and worked hard. I'm very proud of them and the job they did for our neighbor Janice. She wrote us a nice card in appreciation of the beautiful paint job and other misc improvements. Thanks to crew 9 for helping us out too. I enjoyed being outside working, the teamwork, meeting new people, satisfaction of helping a community, prayer services and just hanging with the young people. The food was so-so, we slept on the floor(I did have a very good air mattress), stayed up late and up early and kids horsed around all the time. I wasn't sure we could finish our job and rain threatened. There was adversity but we were victorious in the end and that's what I take away. I can't wait to see the full pictures. The pictures the Reach staff took are on their website and our church group bought the cd of all the pictures. Hope to post some next week. Thanks to Thomas, our troubleshooter, who did a great job with instructions, installing the railing and safety bar and getting materials. Time to start raising money for next year and decide where we will go.
Looking forward to it already.

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