Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, now I want an iPhone

Just got this news in my email. Plus, with the new 32 gb version, I'm ready to join the iPhone craze.
Dear Mom, Dad would like this for Father's day. :) Love, Dad

Good choice.. MMM I would like the 32GB version of the iPhone 3Gs

Got the 8Gig old version :-(
You know it's just going to get better and better with new features. Was thinking I'd wait till it could totally replace my 60gb ipod in terms of space. It's hard to stay current. :)
Have to admit... I'm getting tempted, too, but I think my family plan has me indentured to Verizon for life :-(
I like the way you put it, "indentured". I may be too in my wife's eyes. Verizon is already calling me with incentives to stay with them. My only thought was to give my phone to my youngest son and I go solo with iPhone. It's a dream.
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