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Top 10 Reasons why NY Yankees suck(from a fan)

Ok, I'm a long time Yankee fan. In my youth, I idolized the late 70's teams and the young Jeter teams. King George sometimes upset me with his firing and hiring of managers. What's going on now is extremely frustrating! So, here's the top 10 reasons the Yankees suck from a fan's perspective. (I don't care that they're the Evil Empire, that's just fun with Red Sox fans).

10. Forcing out Joe Torre - I liked Joe. We had some good years under him and he did some good managing in times of injuries. Didn't like the way the whole deal went down.

9. ARod mess - Steroids, injuries. No huge surprise. I like his numbers. Otherwise, he's an idiot.

8. Teixeira performance to date - He signed a contract worth 180 million over 8 years. He's batting .195. 'Nuff said.

7. Sabathia performance to date - 7 years/161 million - record 1-3 with a 4.85 era. Huh?

6. Can't Beat Red Sox - 0-4 and losing again tonight. Wasn't the plan to acquire all these big guns to beat the Red Sox? Uh.... seems the Red Sox have the Yankees beat in every category not the least of which is attendance and excitement from fans(we'll bring this up again don't you know)

5. Overall Record - 13-12 With this payroll? Losing 22-4 in the new stadium? 4 games behind first place Toronto? Plllleeeaaaaassseaseeee?

4. Pitcher ERA - They're dead last in all of MLB! Are you kidding me? Can you believe that stat with this payroll? You probably don't believe me so here's a link to prove it. That's an under achievement beyond belief.

3. Hank Steinbrenner - I had frustrations at times with King George. But, over the years I've come to really respect him and he mellowed a bit in firing managers. He has great respect for the fans and the Yankee tradition. He ran that organization with a iron clad rule. Now what? Idiot brat son Hank with his idiot statements, ticket prices and firing Joe Torre. Cutting ticket prices in half from 2 grand to 1 grand. The organization is crumbling and the pride is falling.

2. Locked out of stadium after rain delay - This is infuriating!
Get a grip! This greed is driving fans away. If you can't afford a 1.5 billion dollar stadium, keep the old one. Which leads to number 1.

1. Ticket Prices at New Stadium - You have to have your head examined if you pay $500 to $2,000 per ticket to see a ball game. Your a moron if you own a team and expect to sell these tickets. Where are the fans in the best seats? Where's the excitement? Where's the respect for the fans? "Honey, I'm dropping 5 grand to take the kids to the game tonight. Wanna come?" At what level do these ticket prices make sense? I'm really struggling. I'd like to take my 13 year old son to a game but this is nuts. I thing $100 a ticket is a big stretch for a premium seat. If I took my whole family that would be a $500 bill plus convenience charge, tax, food, gas. Probably $700 to take them to the ball game. Hello, YES Channel.

Did I miss anything?

As a Sox fan, totally agree about Torre. That man was a class act as Yankees manager and he deserved to be treated with far more respect. That move was a crying shame, and I say that knowing perfectly well that keeping him on the job would have cost my team some wins.
Yeah ... as a Red Sox fan who grew up in Philly, I have to agree with Rob and you. Torre is a great guy. It helps that he took Larry Bowa with him. Bowa, Yaz and The Tugger were my idols as a kid so any one who keeps Bowa employed is good in my book. Anyway ... the "greatest rivalry in sport" has been a little off since they got rid of Torre and King George left. It's sad on some levels... man have we really become adults?
I hear you. LA is enjoying Torre's skill as a manager now. I am a Red Sox fan since birth, I rooted for them during some very lean years when the Yankees had our number but my patience was rewarded by the 04 monumental choke the Bronx Bombers served up. Having said that, I respect the Yankees as an organization, they have certainly had their share of success. If the past several years have taught us anything about baseball today, it's that championships come from team chemistry and not buying up all the best talent. King George is his own worst enemy, his ego has cost him, his team and the Yankees fans dearly.
@Rob - Torre had a knack for taming that zoo in NY. I'm not knocking Girardi. Torre's exit was just a low class/idiotic move by management.

@Tim - Larry Bowa is AWESOME. Loved that guy too! Great Energy! Talk radio guy was saying how the rivalry is off a bit too. I don't know about that. I believe it's still strong and great to watch because of the talent they both bring on the diamond. I've never hated the Red Sox. I've always enjoyed many of their players over the years. I went to college at Bentley in Waltham and caught many games. I actually routed for them from the bleachers many times. Great ballpark atmosphere in Fenway and that's another reason these ticket prices in NY piss me off.

@Curt - I totally agree with you about chemistry. Having said that, I still got excited when the Yankees signed Texeira, Sabathia and Burnett. I actually believe they will be positive in the clubhouse because they seem to be great guys as well as players. I may be upset that their numbers are not there yet, I believe they'll turn around. That being said, the money paid is still out of whack with common sense. Actually, man for man, I think the players work their ass off and are winners. ARod is the only moron but hey, Red Sox won with Manny for years.
You didn't miss anything. This lifelong fan, despite 30 years in exile living in Red Sox country, is disgusted by what he's seeing. I have yet to buy tickets for my annual journey to the stadium with my kids, and I'm not sure if I want to.

Failure to learn the lessons of their own history. That about sums it up. The team that became a dynasty in the late 90s was anchored in a few home-grown young talents, with some veterans - both stars and journeymen, but no superstars. I'm not going to say they were ego-free, but they played that way. Torre was the glue that held it together, and the players were a team first and foremost. Nobody was paid outlandishly more than the rest, and nobody had the expectations of superstardom heaped on their shoulders. When Derek Jeter was elected the first team captain in Yankee history, that broke the mold a bit, but it worked because the players made it work.

Then Cashman shifted gears, no doubt to satisfy the demands of the Steinbrenners. As good as some of the imported expensive free agents were, their presence weakened the bonds of teamwork that made the Yankees of the 90's a team that everybody respected even here in New England where they could never like the Yankees, but they could respect them. That, plus the ever-rising ticket prices weakened the bonds between fans and team, and rather than going back to what had worked so brilliantly the Yankee organization redoubled its efforts in the wrong direction. Torre's treatment as a superstar himself was part of the problem, by the way, but still he managed to keep the team competitive despite what was happening, but not even he could get a patchwork of individual superstars to play as a championship team.
You bring up a great point around SuperStar and these huge contracts. It has a negative impact on some players. ARod took steroids, according to him, because of the pressure of the big contract. Giambi was an Yankee killer before he came to NY. Can't say his career in NY was killer. Can Teixeira and Sabathia perform under the pressure of NY and the contracts? Maybe. I hope so. It seems to me that they have the right attitude to survive here. Reggie and Babe thrived under the pressure and big contracts of their time.
There's no question that champions have that something, that teamwork and momentum that's hard to explain but we all know what it is when we see it. Tampa Bay had it last year. Red Sox have it in past few years.
Let's hope the Yankees management see the light soon.
After the Indians left Yankee Stadium, one of the Indians players said that there is a huge difference between old and new. In new, it isn't as intimidating, in that the seats are far enough away from the field as to minimize fan interaction with the players. And having a whole section of $2,000 seats empty, well, it wasn't impressive.

Wish I could find the link to that article.
Yes, Derek Jeter has commented on this as well. Let's face it, the opening of the new Palace has been a bust in many ways. 0-4 against Red Sox and Rays the last four days.
Arrgghh !!! Rain, injuries and losses. Oh my.
I hope you know your entire post looks retarded now!
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