Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Inbox is EMPTY !!!

At Lotusphere, I attended two sessions by Eric Mack and David Allen. BOF and general session were based on their world famous productivity work known as GTD or Getting Things Done. At last year's Lotusphere, I picked up the GTD book by David Allen. One thing that stuck with me from this years sessions was to clear your Inbox and have a "System" to do this. Now, I still have much to learn and practice but I've made some progress and it feels GOOD! David was very animated in his speaking and how great it feels to gain emotional control. Cleaning the inbox is one of those things. Basically, my system and goal is to deal with each line item and have a way to get it out.

First, if I can respond in 2 minutes - Do it and delete/file. (I use the Send and File button a lot)

Second - if it requires more time, add it to my ToDo database. (I use the Copy To New - To Do action button)

Third - if it's informational and something I want to have for later review, I'm adding it to my Personal Journal database. I created this database while sitting in the session with my laptop. I also used it as I went to sessions to record my notes on the Lotusphere sessions. Loving this tool and way to keep my notes and thoughts.

That's a quick note on how I'm getting to that clear mind David talks about. Now, I got three emails while I was writing this post so back to work. :)

Congratulations, Curt! Thanks for attending.

When you are ready to take your productivity with Notes to the next level, check out the tools that David and I mentioned at the end of the session. There are also links on the Notes On Productivity CD that we handed out. If you want to really take it up a level,m check out http://www.eProductivity.com. Let me know, and I'll send you a key. - Eric
Yes, great job. From my observations, you had a fantastic Lotusphere all around. Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did!
Hey Curt,

My inbox at work has been emptied and kept empty since LS. Feels good. I ahd it almost empty before Ls, but it just took that session to remind me that all those items could be moved somewhere and give me a clear inbox.

Keep up the good work! Love Kitty x
Yes, it's all about feeling good. Good job. I'm loving this system.
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