Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ripoff? 30% charge for DRM free music on iTunes

Yea, DRM free music on iTunes. All the new wi-fi radio gadgets should be able to play my iTunes music. There's a catch for your old purchases. You can upgrade but they charge you 30 cents per song or 30% per album. Sounds greedy to me and not a great strategy considering all the other DRM free alternatives available now.(Walmart, Amazon) The other alternatives are already cutting prices. $8.99 for album. $5.00 specials. 79 cents per song and etc... Apple better get with the program instead of getting greedy with their iPod monopoly.

Well at least the quality raises from 128 to 256. Amazon and WalMart both have cheaper pricing without DRM (not in Europe though except Amazon UK) but afaik this is sponsored by the Music industry to break the dominance of iTunes. Especially for albums I sometimes would like to have a combination of buying on-line and get the CD for my shelve too.
Yes, better quality. Still think it's a bit stingy.
I buy both on-line and cd at times. I do shop price many times.
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