Friday, January 09, 2009


Pre-Blogger Dinner

Great to see my friend Chris Whisonant in New Haven last night. We met up at the world famous Pepe's Pizza. I believe some claim it to be one of the first places to bring pizza to the U.S. It's great thin sliced brick oven pizza. I'd not made the trip down to New Haven in a very long time. I used to make that run many times 20 years ago for a girl. Much has changed on the ride down with many new stores and restaurants. Bertha(GPS) got me there without issue after I put in the right address. Pepe's was easily found too. Thanks Santa(wife)
Chris, the extra slices were gone when I woke up this morning. Teenagers.
See ya in a week at Lotusphere! Hope it's warmer there.

Cool. Let me know next time you set something up. I'm not so far away (zip's 02053 if you wanna Google Map it) that a trip to CT would be a big issue.
You got it. See you in Orlando!
Me too! We are less than an hour from New Haven, I tend to go to IKEA a lot. :-)
There is an italian restaurant right near it called Bratzi that is awesome. I'm definitely in if you get together in New Haven again!
Cool. Will do.

I like Italian.
The street where Pepe's is on is really cool. They have a neon arch, narrow street and a bunch of Italian restaurants. Yummy pizza.
Curt, ditto - was great to see you and Pepe's was good, too! Glad the extra was eaten!! Wooster St. was a cool place too - like a little Italy.

I didn't realize there were so many people so close. If I make it back up that way we'll have to plan something more... :)
If we promote, who knows who might show up? Sounds good.
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