Friday, January 16, 2009


Lucky Guy going to Lotusphere

I won a free admission to Lotusphere thanks to TechCrunchIT and IBM. How cool is that?
If you want some of this luck to rub off on you, shake my hand and say "HI". I plan on being seen all over the place. I'm staying at the Dolphin (another break in luck) and arriving just in time for BALD on the boardwalk. ESPN is a favorite hangout for Saturday night. Can't wait for sessions and "after hour" sessions. Sunday Night reception, product reception, Universal Studio's, Jam Fest and etc. are all musts. See you all soon!
I'm a tshirt guy so look for the guy always wearing a tshirt and I'm packing Grateful Dead and Lotusphere shirts.
I had this picture on my desktop for heads on Twitter, Google etc. I'm the guy on the right and this is from a fun trip to Yankee Stadium a couple years ago meeting up with Chris Whisonant. I usually have a big grin too. :)
Woot! Goin' to Lotusphere!

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Have fun! Bring me back something nice... and try to find that other person that won... and remind him that he has MY ticket!
Thanks bud. I'm bumming you missed out. I'll write.
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