Sunday, December 14, 2008


Winter just got longer with signing of Sabathia and Burnett

As if the ice storm wasn't bad enough and winter just starting, my Yankees are reeling in some big fish making the wait for Spring unbearable. :) I'm dancing in my cold house as I see the new guys signing up. A.J. Burnett is awesome. My only worry is past injury issues. But, when he's on he's lights out. C.C. Sabathia and A.J. will make a great 1,2,3 punch added with Wang. Hope we can get to a game in the new Stadium this spring. Next, let's sign Andy Pettite. I heard he was holding out for 16 million. Come on! Please see it in your heart to take 10 million. You can get buy even in NY with a little pay cut like that. Just think how cool it will be pitching in the new Stadium with the team that's assembling. I'm divided on Joba Chamberlain. Bullpen or Starter? Of course we want more innings like he's pitched in the 8th. But, we don't want to burn him out. If they pick up one more starter and sign Andy, the question for me is easy. Shorten the game to 6 or 7 innings with Joba, Mariano and whoever else in the 7th inning. Tell you what. I could coach this team to the World Series with that kind of pitching.

Imagine the stroke that George will have if they don't win the series with that crew.
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