Sunday, December 28, 2008


Proud: Oldest son gets accepted to college

I was over my in-laws house before Christmas and was looking at old pictures of my kids. Man, they grow up so fast. Seems like yesterday my oldest was saying his first words as we laughed at his pronunciation. Now, he's a high school senior. He's been accepted into the Graphics Arts program at The College of Saint Rose. We were very impressed with this college during our tour. Funny how your life can turn and direction it goes. We discovered this school during a national portfolio review day. We waited in long lines to see many of the very popular art colleges. We didn't have to wait in line for the College of Saint Rose and we wanted to hear their perspective of my sons work. Well, the professor that we spoke with was awesome! She was very enthusiastic and genuine. She encouraged us to check the school out during their open house which was the following weekend. My son has been talking about Boston based colleges but we went up to Albany, NY anyway. Again, we were very impressed with the faculty, staff and students who went out of their way to meet and work with us. They are very proud of their students who have gained employment 100% of the time after a year of graduating from the Graphic Design program. They intern in NY city and seem to really gain practical, real life skills.
We're so proud of him and wish him all the success in this exciting field!

Excellent and exciting news. Congratulations.
Congratulations to Mr. Stone Jr.! Enjoy your senior slump, but not too much ;-).
Wife is having a sigh of relief.
Actually, he's Harry the III. :)
I believe you read the tea leaves well. We're expecting the slump and procrastination for applications to the other schools. Crack the whip time.
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