Thursday, December 11, 2008


Kind of proud of this

My company nominated and sent 130 people to the Swan in Disney World for improving the "Customer Experience". You had to be nominated by your peers for work you did over and above to improve your customers experience. You then had to be approved by a board of executives. (3,000 employees, 400 nominations and 130 selected) I always want to listen to the customer, feel their pain and fix the issue or create something cool to solve their issue. Love this part of my work!
It was a little weird being at the Swan without Lotusphere going on. Quiet. Spooky.
We had a great time. The Disney Institute worked with us on a Leadership program that was fun and interesting. Hope to share a bit of that later.
Back to taking care of business...

Congratulations Curt!
I am glad for you.
Mary Beth Raven
That's awesome! I had no idea our company did that. Congratulations!
@Mary Beth,
Thanks, it was fun.

Proud that the company recognized back office people. Almost didn't happen due to economy but they had the courage to continue. May be the 1st annual too.
Good job Curt!

Looking forward to seeing you in Jan !

Dan SOares
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