Monday, December 08, 2008


Andre Guirard's Tip: How to update rich text in a document that's open and redisplay it without saving

Of course, I've had many times when I've had to display changes to a rich text item while editing a doc. I needed to bring in a doclink from after picking from a list of docs. I wasn't keen on the last technique I used so I went out to the forum for a look. I came across the best solution I've found and wanted to share(plus I'll check my own blog entry if I forget where to find it again).
Thanks Andre again!


Em, you mean Andre. :D
Thanks for the correction. Senior moment.
If you're playing around with Notes 8.5 at all, you should take a look at the (InsertSignature) agent in the mail file template - particularly the line:

Call uiDoc.ImportItem(profileDoc, "Signature_Rich")

Undocumented, and it requires your form to be in edit mode, but quite interesting none the less :)
Ah, cool. I love those undocumented gems. The mail template has been known for those. Thanks
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