Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sirius add XM stations

I love it when I get in my car and see the % download on my Sirius receiver. This time it was some of the long awaited XM merger stuff. 2 years since the announcement of the merger. Deep Tracks, BB Kings Bluesville and The Loft caught my initial attention. Looks like they took some of the most popular XM stations and replaced some of the similar Sirius stations. I listened to Deep Tracks a few times in the car today as I did my usual channel surfing. Loving it!

Be sure to print out the new channel guide. Some Sirius stations have moved (AC/DC Radio, for one), changed names, and been added. And there is a Book channel, too. :-) Overall, I am very happy.
I'm glad to get the BoneYard, it replaced Buzzsaw, which was a good channel, but BoneYard ROCKS!
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