Monday, November 10, 2008


Praise for

I have two sites hosted on One is my aunt and uncle's business, and I'm working on my church's website. I used ZenCart for one and WordPress for the other. I'm just waiting for my domain transfer to go through for the church site and it will be up and running. I've only been using BlueHost for a short time but what I've been pleased with is the live chat help. So far it's been very responsive and point on with the help I've requested. Hope to have more to say about the sites I've been working with lately in my spare time.
Rock on!

WOW! A blog post from Curt... :) Got your email - need to reply, but I like the idea too.

By the way, make sure you bring me one of the bottles of spice to Sphere again. This time I'm buying - we used that stuff all summer for cookouts, etc... Love it!!
Yes, the rumors of my death are unwarranted.
Unfortunately, 'Sphere's not looking good for me. Work is cutting jobs and expenses.
Glad you enjoyed the spices!
Oh that's no good... :(
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