Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My two new websites are up and running

I've had a couple side projects going on in parallel.
First was my Aunt and Uncles business site, New Beginnings Spice. I started out working on this project as a Domino shopping cart site. As I investigated open source shopping carts, I settled on Zen Cart. There were just too many features in Zen Cart that I liked and was happy not to program so many things. Especially the credit card processing. Actually, the credit card processing was the deal breaker.
Second was my church's web site at St Paul's Lutheran Church. I went with a WordPress design. I've put together a team of people who will help in maintaining. I have Flickr and Google calendar integrated with WordPress plugins. Really excited to have this up and running for the church.
Now, let the maintenance commence.

Curt, man, those are a couple of nice sites!

Do you have someone doing the graphic design, or is that also your talent?

Well done sir! I know nothing about ZenCart and only a little about WordPress, but both sites look clean and easy to use. Don't know where you find the time!
Open Source is our friend.
For Zen Cart, I used a simple open source design and I only had to customize the header. We had someone design the logo. Then, you have to use the Zen Cart admin panel to create products, set up credit card, ssl and so forth.

WordPress is another open source program and very well supported/documented. I really like the support. Again, I used an open source template that I could customize easily. I liked that I could add my own images to give it a feel of being our own even though this template could be used by many others since it's open source.
Now, I can devote time to maintenance, content and building traffic.
Fortunately, both groups I worked with were willing to give me plenty of time to complete these. I guess the my fee was in their price range. free
Thanks Joe!
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