Monday, September 08, 2008


AC/DC new CD coming Oct 20th - Black Ice

I loved AC/DC's last release, Stiff Upper Lip. I've been anticipating their next release hoping someone wouldn't die before it came to pass. Their website's redesigned and they have a preview of the new single playing, Rockin' Roll Train. Sounds like the same ol' straight in your face Rock to me. Love it! Keep it up boys! No Apologies!

I, too, love AC/DC - Brian Johnson's vocals just seems to get better with age.

I would love for them to TOUR, and make a little stop in Pittsburgh, PA.

Bob Baehr
The Unofficial Poster Child For Lotus Notes, Domino, and Lotus Foundations
Yeah, I noticed that Brian sounds great on this new song. Their site says they plan a tour so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Rock on!
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