Wednesday, July 23, 2008


New Lotus Notes / Domino Book

Just got a notice from my Books 24x7 online service for this new Notes book. I see it's on version 7. I guess better late than never.

Table of Contents
Domino 7 Application Development—Writing and Upgrading Applications for the Latest Lotus Notes / Domino Platform
Chapter 1 - A Short History of Notes and Domino
Chapter 2 - New Notes 7 Client and Domino 7 Server Features
Chapter 3 - Lotus Notes/Domino 7 and DB2
Chapter 4 - New Lotus Domino Designer 7 Features
Chapter 5 - Upgrading Domino Applications
Chapter 6 - Upgrading Formulas
Chapter 7 - Upgrading Agents and LotusScript
Chapter 8 - Web Services and Domino 7
Chapter 9 - Optimizing Application Performance
Chapter 10 - Code Samples
The Save & Close Action Bar Button
Preventing Editing of Fields and Documents Dynamically
Fast DbLookups

Chapter 11 - Troubleshooting Applications
Testing Your Application
Asking the Right Questions
Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)
Agent Profiler

Appendix A - Vendor Tools

I contacted that company right before 7 came out and asked it they were thinkging about writing a book, I had tossed Rocky's warnings to the wind and thought a user and Administration manual would be good. I also said we should get started on an 8 version too, to this day they still won't tell me if they want to or not. I knew this was coming but figured it would have been on the shelves a year ago.....

oh well.
Interesting "insider" comments. I wonder if other technologies get this type of treatment?
Actually I think that R7 book came out in Jan 07 (maybe Feb). The R8 version was released December 07.

So I think it's the notification service thats not working right...

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