Thursday, July 10, 2008


Learning Java and Eclipse

Seems I've added Java and Eclipse to my development plan. I finally have an opportunity at work to learn from some mentors and get into some projects for real. I'm building a development plan and would sure appreciate any advice, links to tutorials, books and etc... I'm not a total newbie in that I have read the Java Head First book and taken a community college course but it was a few years ago. I plan on getting the Head First OO book too. I found a tutorial today I'm going to start. Title is Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners.
Off I go into the bold new world. Wish me luck!

Curt - I found and dowloaded same lessons and will be heading down the same path as you, more or less. I've lots of years of Lotuscript and enough Javascript/HTML/CSS to get things done on the web. But these changes are coming/are here with web-services and pending X-pages so good luck. We can do it...
Cool. I've completed the first two lessons and I'm enjoying them. I believe I'll do some blogging on these lessons. I have similiar experience and motivation as you. If you find other similiar training, do share.
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