Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Small revelations: nice LotusScript function: ArrayUnique

In one of Rocky Oliver's Lotusphere sessions, he went over some cool functions in formula and LotusScript. I support an application that's been around a while. It has an administrative page with lots of names in a multi-value field. You don't always remember during the heat of battle about new functions as they come along. During Rocky's session, it hit me that we could use @Sort in the translation formula. Lotusphere was full of those small revelations. This week, while working with arrays in LotusScript, I used the ArrayUnique function(new in R6). As the title implies, it magically removes duplicates from your array. I'd not used it before that I can recall and I was pleased when I found it in Help. Works great and saves you time. I love the small pleasures in life. :)

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