Friday, February 15, 2008


Interesting presidential race

My disgust of the political process in the US the last few years have been how both parties far left or far right have dominated their respected parties. Or, maybe dominate is not the right word. It's that the established candidate seems to always get the nod. My views are mostly in the center. I think most of the country is in the center on their views. They're disgusted with the political games. I'm thrilled to see, this year, the hard right talk show guys upset about John McCain. Many of my beliefs are conservative but these guys take it way overboard. To me, John McCain votes his conscience and doesn't care the price it may cost in his party. Glad to see he'll get the nomination. On the Democrat side, it's interesting to see Hilary Clinton sweating it out and Barack Obama taking the lead. What will happen if it's decided by Super Delegates and they vote for Clinton even if Obama wins the popular vote? Great irony seeing how the Democrats cried foul for so long about the electoral college that cost them the Presidency. If we do get McCain and Obama on election day, I think we finally have two candidates that we can at least agree have some integrity in their beliefs. In McCain's case, he's an American hero who suffered greatly in defense of this country during his years in a Vietnam prison camp. His record proves he votes with his conscience and has his country as his first priority. Obama has risen from no where to capture the spirit of America. I like his positive message and a President should first capture our imagination. It's what people loved about Ronald Reagan. The abilility to inspire.
So, it's been interesting so far in a good way.

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