Monday, February 04, 2008


The Game

We hoped for a good Super Bowl game and we got it. I didn't think the Giants could do it. My 12 year old son has just started watching football with me this year. We're Dallas Cowboy fans. Being from CT, we don't have a team in our state. We live half way between Boston and NY. Many people in my area support teams from far away cities. For me, I loved the Roger Staubach Cowboy teams and Troy Aikman's teams. I've come to really enjoy Tony Romo's rise to fame. I was having trouble deciding who to root for in the Super Bowl. In one way, I wanted to see perfection completed for the Patriots. I've cheered for them in the past Super Bowls because I liked their emphasis on 'team'. My son was supporting the Giants from the beginning of the game. He got my attention and then the Giants defense really got my support. I really liked the way they were dominating the game. I really love good defense. The defense just does not get the respect they deserve. Defense wins championships. I really got on the Giants band wagon after the Patriots scored the go ahead touchdown. I didn't like the celebration and taunting displayed by Randy Moss. Being a Cowboy fan, it was cool to see the NFC East style of play once again prove to be superior to the passing style of the AFC. Grind it out on the ground. Smash mouth Defense. I'm not sure how you can award a most valuable player with such a great team win. Ely did ok but he also had some luck. He missed an easy
3rd down conversion before the Patriots went down and scored the go ahead TD. He over threw the receiver. He also almost threw an interception on the final drive. The Pats let that one get away. He was throwing off his back foot and a little off balance into coverage. He should donate the Escalade to the team. The defense was the story and they won this game. What an unbelievable and awesome performance. I'd like to see it again knowing the outcome. Hats off to the Giants! Savor the moment.



Reading you post... i have no idea what you are talking about. I know how the GAME looks like.. but that's it.

Greetings KUBO
I know my friends outside the US have no idea what American football is. My wife doesn't understand it either. But, 93 million people did watch the game and were treated to a really great game. It was the type of game that makes us understand why we love sports. Lots of real life drama and excitement.
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