Tuesday, January 01, 2008


The Wii is awesome! Twighlight Zone Marathon.

Long weekend and I'm hooked on Wii. My son got the Wii for Christmas and I didn't get into it till the New Years holiday. Wii Sports has got to be the best games to come included in a game console I've ever seen. I remember when xBox 360 and PlayStation 3 were coming out and they got all the press. Wii was pretty much ignored. Well, Nintendo got the last laugh. The action, exercise and competitive play is unbelievable. I'm really enjoying tennis. The game does a nice job adjusting to your ability and challenging you. The electronic motion sensor is really amazing. It makes the playing very realistic. The game may create friction in the family. We're getting really competitive against each other. It took me a while but I finally beat my son in baseball 1-0. I hit a long home run with 'me'. He's created a character for many of our family members. It funny to hear, 'Oma (that's German for grandma) just jacked one!'. Great fun.
In between, we've been catching many episodes of Twighlight Zone on the SciFi channel. What a creative and amazing show. I like the old time stuff too. It's funny to see some of the characters get crazy. It's fun to see some of the young great stars like William Shatner and Robert Duvall. Really cool stuff.
Back to work tomorrow. Only two weeks till Lotusphere! Hurray!

Sorry, I accidently deleted your post. But was able to retreive with Back Button/Copy/Paste. Thanks for the tips. I know the key to winning tennis against my son will be the power serve. His returns are un-hittable.

Here's some tips to help you beat your son.In base... Here's some tips to help you beat your son.

In baseball, I find that if I hold the cross-pointer DOWN while swinging the bat, I tend to get a higher slugging percentage. Which means any non-foul hit is likely to go into the stands. I have managed to get an "Out of the Park" this way. (Yes, there is a special screen.)

Don't underestimate the effectiveness of using the cross to pitch inside or outside, either. You can force a good hitter to get nothing but ground balls by sending 90MPH pitches to the inside of the bat. And the Slider is pretty much unhittable in that game, so if you can deliver a nice hard one at about 85MPH, you can usually get a swing out of it.

In tennis, there's two kinds of serves. The regular serve and the Ace serve. The trick to the Ace serve is that you hold the cross DOWN when you throw the ball up, then you let go as you come forward. It takes some practice, but when you get it down, you'll find that you can crank serves out at about 70-80%. They get REALLY hard to return.

Oh, and Wii tennis is all about the front player once you start to volley. Just swing away with your forward Mii -- you'd be amazed how quick he can get to the ball.

Sorry I accidently deleted your post. Love the persona's. We have the Mercury Meltdown game too. Thanks for the tip. If we ever grow tired of the Sports, we'll have to try. He's playing a lot of Zelda too.
Are you going to Lotusphere?

We got a Wii as well this Christmas. It is great f... We got a Wii as well this Christmas. It is great fun and, like you, I really like the Tennis and it has become my favorite among the Wii Sports. It's not what I would have expected since among previous sports video games it's never been a favorite of mine. We had a lot of fun creating the characters for our family, too. It's a nice touch of personalization. My brother tells me that Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a fun game.
@Curt: yes I am going to Lotusphere. I can't wait! My preparation needs to start ASAP as it is coming soon. BTW, I hope your guess on the party location (Disney Hollywood Studios) is correct.
We'll have to connect at Lotusphere. I'm going down on the 17th and spending some time in the parks. If your there on Saturday, please make a point to check out the gathering at the Big River Brewery(3:30) or ESPN later that night. It's looking like another great event!
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