Saturday, January 19, 2008


Theme for my trip so far: Errors

It's been a comedy of errors so far.
I've mentioned my wife ordering me ham instead of tuna sandwich. I've been joking her ever since. Then, she wanted me to have the French menu at the France restaurant at Epcot. It features a ham sandwich. I had a chicken crepe.
She insured me that she would have the Brown Derby restaurant substitue ham for the turkey in their Cob salad. I passed and went to ESPN club.
I stood in a long line for a beer in the German pavillion. When I notice no coins in my change, I realized the pretty lady charged me for 2 beers. When I got back in line for number 2, the dark beer I wanted was gone. We walked by an hour later and they had more but I already went with the light beer.
I stood in a long line for a fast pass. The kid in front of me lost his ticket in the machine and no fast pass. They fixed it and I tried. My ticket came back but no fast pass. Luckily, after I cut into the next line, I got one.
I got my conference bag and the lady explained to me that I have the yellow badge and I would attend the second opening session at 11 am on Monday. Reading the schedule on the way out of the Dolphin, the schedule says that the yellow badge has the 8am session. I'm sure I'll get in straight in time but it's getting weird.
At least my room key works this year. :)

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