Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Results of weight challenge for Lotusphere

Disney is great at offering many food choices. I must say that I really enjoyed the lunch served at Lotusphere. I really heaped on the vegetables. I wish I had a chef at home to prepare veggies like that every day. A good goal would be to learn myself to get creative in the kitchen and cook up some tasty veggies. It's not hard it's just a matter of doing. I felt that I had done a decent job watching what I ate with a only a few exceptions. I didn't drink to excess. Yet, when I weighed myself the first day back, I was up 6 lbs. I did realize that I had a very late dinner of pistachio's(a bag my kids gave me for my birthday). I had no lunch and the plane only feeds you mini peanuts and crackers. The following day I was down 3 lbs on the scale and yesterday I was back where I was when I left for FL. I'll take this as a win. It must be 'phantom' weight if you can shake it off so fast. Water? I don't know but I'm ready to kick it up in high gear now.
Of course, work and life are chaotic since returning from Lotusphere. I'm heading to Overland Park, KS today. I'd like to put up a database this weekend for our weight challenge. Either way, I'd like to start the challenge with the first weigh in on Monday, Feb 4th.


Go Curt! Yes, a database er.. Notes application :) would be great. I GAINED 4 lbs at Lotusphere, so I really need an incentive... a public one like this might just be the ticket!
Mary Beth Raven
Same thing here - and I was 10 lbs ahead going down there. Apparently, knowledge isn't the only thing I retain!

Let me know if you want some help putting the db together!

@Mary Beth,
Agreed. I think the public support is really important.

I've done the 10 lb weight gain at Disney before. That's why 6 was not a huge disappointment. I did not do any bufett's or pig out to the extreme. The database can be a work in progress. Any ideas once it's up would be great. I have a account so I figure I can leverage that.
Monday, Eh?

Sounds good... Are we still up for the developer vs admin battle?
Hey Curt - send it over my way or I'll cross-cert your ID - you can host it on my servers at Clearframe.
@John J,
I'm up for it.

Great, thanks for the offer.
Hi Curt,

It was nice to meet you at Lotusphere. I gained 3 to 4 lbs at lotusphere. That was last saturday. I hope my efforts this week helps to get to the level i was before lotusphere.

I hope to get over my first target 220 lbs. Its realy hard to get there. My body and mind knows IM almost there.. and they start to gain weight ;-)

Greeting Kubo/Boudewijn
Keep up the good work. I've been able to easily rid the Lotusphere weight gain. Now, I'm adding some exercise.
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