Saturday, January 05, 2008


My awards for Best Lotus Blogger

It's a Major Award! - A Christmas Story

With all the fun created by the Best Lotus Blogger 08 award, I thought I'd give my awards for my favorite bloggers in my own way.

Hardest Working Blogger and Rush Chairman - Bruce Elgort - With Taking Notes podcast,, and OpenNTF, it's easy to award Bruce with this reward. If you hang with him for 5 minutes at Lotusphere, you'll find he knows everybody like 'Otter' in Animal House. If we start a frat, he gets vote for Rush Chairman and frat President.

Best Tools, Nicest, Smartest guy combination award goes to Julian Robichaux
Julian's NsfTools have save my tail more than once. Julian also gets the award for the funniest post this year with his 'Tappas' story. The story is histerical but I also love that he posted it for all to see. It's great when we can laugh at ourselves.

Best Reviewer/World Traveler goes to Duffbert.
It's amazing how many books this guy reads. You'll be inspired to read more. He's also had some great vacations/work trips this past year.

Best Rock and Roll Blogger goes to Rocky Oliver. Besides being the self described 'Geek', he's the brains behind JamFest and SpeedGeeking. A star for writing the Domino Bible, managing the Best Practices Sessions and cool blog postings from the technical to the personal. Rock On!

Best Lady Blogger(and record for most marriage proposals) goes to Jess Stratton - I like the post she did one time where she said that her geek friends ask her to marry her on a regular basis. It's tongue and cheek but we dig cool geek chicks. Now I understand why she has a picture of her wedding on her home page.

Well, it's my list and I can do what I want. My response to all the controversy with lists. The nominations are still working in my head so I may have more.

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I'm sure *someone* will find fault with your selections and categories... :-)
Exactly. I've thrown caution to the wind and let it all out on the line.
Thanks Curt!! You just made my whole day! I can't wait to see you at Lotusphere and wish you a happy birthday... I remember your badge you had on last year!
Yeah I find fault. Bruce never does these things to win awards. Trust me as I am Bruce. He does them for you and others. There is way more to life than winning an award for something you enjoy to do. That would be like me receiving an award for all the children with cancer I work with. Ya know aht I am saying?
So glad I could make someone's day.
For my birthday this year, I'll be in Epcot taking the UnDiscovered tour. The girls will make me wear the birthday badge again I'm sure. It's actually kind of fun to wear in Disney because you get free desserts and embarassing moments with the servers. You just ask for a pin at guest services in any of the parks. We'll do as a goof all week. It's kind a conversation starter and it's fun to hear cast members wish you a happy birthday all week long.
Can't wait to congratulate you on being a new mommy!
Your so right! The fun is in the giving. I really learned that on my volunteer work in Niagera Falls this year. I hope all the givers in our community get paid back quadruple.(like the ones who won my awards)
I didn't know about your work with kids with cancer. You've moved up another notch on my respect board.
Nice job!
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