Thursday, January 17, 2008


Loti Land, Here I come

All the essentials are packed. Grateful Dead tshirts(check), Unofficial past Lotusphere tshirts(check), Hawaiian shirt(check), book (off of a Duffbert 5 star rating)(check), laptop(check), iPod(check), Domino 7 What's New Help Guide(Certification study)(check), camera(check), Spices(check), Birthday card that sings 'Sweet Home Alabama'(check), aspirin (check)and all other usual stuff.
Official weight at 236 as of this morning. Goal to maintain.
Excitement is building and all devoted are heading to where it's at!


Safe travels, Curt!
Have a safe trip, Curt.

@Bruce - I was thinking about packing a nice bottle of hot sauce, to spice up the Disney food.
Yes, spices. Ask me and you shall receive.
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