Thursday, January 31, 2008


'Getting Things Done' by David Allen

One of the vendors at Lotusphere gave away this book, 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen. I was excited because I was recently thinking about getting this book. I'm in KC for a couple days and I started reading it on the plane. I like a couple of the concepts introduced in the first chapter. He relates his system to Karate and sports in that you want to get into a state of 'mind like water' or 'flow'. This is a state where your relaxed and able to working at your best most of the time. It's a feeling of control. In Karate, you train so that your flexible and comfortable in a stressful situation. Your mind is trying to juggle all your unfinished business whether you like it or not. He talks about a system where you write down your 'projects' and also write down actions needed to accomplish. This simple act helps to quiet your mind and help you move to a state where you feel in control. With over 300 emails from being away, I also took some time on the plane to organize my email inbox. Thanks to Notes replication! I feel like I got them under control.


Curt...this is one of those "change your life" kind of books. You'll find many valuable nuggets within, even if you don't implement the entire system.
Thanks for the feedback.
I hope it is a "change your life" kind of book for me. It's an area I'd like to work on. I feel the heat in juggling many 'projects'. (as I know we all do)
Check out Eric Mack's blog. He has built a replacement template for Notes Mail that implements GTD in a very nice way. Eric was David Allen's technology guru for 15 years (David uses Lotus Notes).
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