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Domino Blogger & Friends weight challenge

Does anyone want to lose weight like/with me? It's good to let people know you want to lose weight and gain support from your friends. A support group is good and helps you meet your goals. I have not thought it out much but wondering if there's anyone else that would like to join in. If anyone has ideas on how to track this and have some fun doing it, please post, email or chat with me at Lotusphere.

I have a 12 lb. head start on my goal of reaching 225 lbs. I was at 252 in Oct. I'm now weighing in at 240. For now, 12 lbs is like "throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary", but it's a good start. If I get to 225 and I'm still motivated, we'll see if I want to go more. I believe it was 20 years ago that I was at 225.

Motivation came way of GreyHawk's post.

Please contact me or post on your blog if your interested.


I'm in Curt - I have a goal weight that mirrors your own (I'd like to get to the 200-225lbs, where I was 9 years ago), but have a few more deck chairs than you to begin with!
Count me in.
I am interested.
@Chris and Gregg,
I'll be at the BALD/ESPN party on Saturday and all blogger events. Please say "hi" if your going to Lotusphere. Saturday may not be a good diet day.
I am looking to loose at least 12 Lbs before June
Great idea Curt! I've been on Weight Watchers since Zoe was a month old... I've lost about 24 pounds and am ALMOST at my pre-preg wieght, my goal is to lose 45 total (15 below what I was pre-pregnancy).
If you are planning a diet, a great time to start is right after LS. Everyone loses a few pounds during the week because of all the walking, and it's a great mental boost.
I was thinking about some things to make it interesting.

1) Create two teams - Developers vs. Admins
2) Everyone creates a reasonable goal. You can't have a wimpy goal and you can't have a goal that's unhealthy for the time limit.
3) We track weekly. Weigh in is on Monday's
4) End date is June 30th. It's a Monday.
5) We track percentage of goal.
6) Team with the best total percentage - WINS

It's all based on the honesty policy and totally for fun and motivation. If you send me your weekly results on a Monday, I'll post results Monday night.
Start date would be Monday after Lotusphere. That will be our starting wait.
Sounds great to me, but I'm a developer AND an admin... I'm also really serious about it and have been losing about a pound and a half a week. Do my pounds get divided by both teams? :-)
Brilliant! Put me in under Developers - and I agree with Jess, let's start this post-LS... the African-themed buffet at Animal Kingdom is just too tempting!
Great job so far!

I thought we could officially start after Lotusphere so we could have time to gather interested people. I usually gain weight at Disney/Lotusphere. There's so many good things to eat/drink. (Even with all the walking)
You make a great point on the Developer - Admin Combo people. Sounds like a third team to me. We'll have to look at how many we get for each. You could be a wildcard and choose one team. I only thought of Admin vs. Developers cause we love to challenge each other naturally.
Boma, I believe is the name and it's one of my favorite buffet's in Disney. We've hit many of them(buffet's) if not all over the years. Remember, eat your veggies!
I'm in, but I'm in the same boat as Jess... (The developer/admin one, not the currently working towards losing weight)

I'm 25 pounds more than I want to be (200lbs), and 45 more than I was before I started down this career path.

Wish I could see you all at Lotusphere, but I'm not one of the lucky ones... Have fun for me..
I'll lose for the dev team. I plan to lose a few during Lotusphere....we'll see.

I can resist the buffets...I do it every day here in Vegas. I'll be at BALD (I resemble that acronym).
Although I won't be at LS, I would like to join the challenge. Put me down on the developers side of the table. I think that one of us should take a few minutes and put together a site where we can all enter out weights and check out progress against the other contestants.
Thanks for the comment. Going to miss you at Lotusphere!
I took a look at some free sites that exist but nothing caught my eye. I was building an app in my head at lunch. Something quick and dirty should suffice. Might be a good playground for Lotusphere goodies.
I think that one of us should take a few minutes and put together a site where we can all enter out weights and check out progress against the other contestants.

That seems like a very developer thing to say... Something I'm liable to think, but not to say... Put me down as an Admin.
LOL, John!
Curt, talking about goals, it's good to have a percentage and a personal reason.
For example, in weight watchers, there are three goals.
1. 10% loss of your total weight
2. Your target weight
3. Maintaining that weight for six months

My personal reason (and the main reason I'm doing so well) is that all I want to do is be able to put my engagement/wedding ring back on. It's *very* personal, so I'm really likely to do well by it.

Think of that big reason why losing weight is so important to you.

I also got to experience the health problems that come from too much weight (at the end of my pregnancy, I was over 200 pounds, lol). Because it was gained over such a short amount of time, I got a very clear picture of what all that excess weight does to one's health and overall feeling.

Just some things to ponder. :-)
Curt - so what night are we doing Boma???
This comment has been removed by the author.
What the hell. Since my post kinda prompted this whole thing, Count me in on the Admin side of things.

I was at 226 a week and a half ago, and I'm now at 218.5. A lot better eating and exercising every night.

So for me, in my own head I'm counting 226 as my starting weight for my total weight loss. Hopefully by the Monday after Lotusphere I'll be closer to 210.

Anyway, I'm in, just let me know what/when/how.

Take Care,
Good question. My wife is coming with me and she's making dinner plans. She's bugging me as to which night I'm free. During Lotusphere, There's something to do onsite almost every night. Let's talk on Saturday. I've got a car. :)
Love your goal suggestions. We'll keep this in mind as we cook this thing up. My wife is doing Weight Watchers and I'm tagging along reluctantly. I struggle with the point counting but you guys can help in my motivation. Part of my reason was a one poor blood pressure score a couple months ago.
I hear you with adding more development projects. My users have gone insane at work since the New Year started. They were saving it up and they've exploded with new projects/ideas.
WOW! You really got it going on. Nice job. Since your on the Admin team, I'll see what I can do to beef you up at Lotusphere. Dream about all the free food/beer. MMMmmmm Good! Question for the Admins. If we build a database for tracking weight goals, how much weight can a Domino database hold? No DB2 integration now. I hope it's more than a couple thousand pounds. :)
Count me in. You can fight over whether admins or devs do NOT want me.. since I'm the Notes client designer!
Starting after lotusphere will be , um, interesting, because the fea or looking fat onstage is a prime motivator for me... but since there are only 9 days left, forget getting slim for the sphere.

However, there is absolutely no way that I will ever post my current or goal weight on a public forum!!!
Hi Anon!
There is plenty you can do in 9 days. :-)
This is what I have gotten out of my entire experience so far.
A safe bet for a weight loss plan is no more than 2 pounds per week. This will ensure that the weight loss is permanent, not the "crash diet" type of loss.
However, when starting a diet, the body's metabolism kicks in. I lost 5 pounds the first week and a half (9 days, what do you know), and then have been 1-2 pounds a week since then.
High-fiber cereal for breakfast, followed by a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch, and then chicken, rice, and veggies for dinner.
The next time you go to the supermarket, pick up a bag of Domino sugar (ha!). That bag weighs FIVE WHOLE POUNDS! Imagine that gone. It feels great. You can do it.
Count me IN... :-)

I already lost a amount of weight... But I want to lose some more.. I started at 130kg (286.6 lbs) and in 3 years i lost almost 30kg (66.14 lbs).

Greetings Kubo (Boudewijn)
Didn't mean to alienate others. All are welcome. I just wanted to insight competition with admins and developers. :) Mars vs. Venus as the Lotusphere session says.

When I'm behaving, I'm eating much like you. Breakfast is usually oats and applesauce. Yum. Lunch has been a BIG salad with tuna fish. Yogurt for snacking. I could you some more ideas. We'll all have to share our success stories and strategies as we kick it in.
Welcome, dude. We need experienced weight losers to show us the way. :) I'm already getting motivated to increase my goal. I really want to start an exercise program too.
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