Sunday, January 27, 2008


Disney coffee reflections after return from Lotusphere

Oh, many posts to do in reflection of the annual trek to Lotusphere and Disney World. As I sip my first beloved cup of Joe this morning, I'm thinking about the horrible coffee that the Disney hotels serve in their snack bars. Should coffee foam up when you pour it? I say "Nay, Nay". That's the first sign of bad coffee but the second is taste. It's got to be Nescafe instant coffee. From a guy who grinds whole beans and loves his coffee, this is unacceptable. Especially, from Disney, I expect better. Last year, I learned from taking the Magic Kingdom backstage tour that the Coke products are free in return for advertising. That's correct, it's all pure profit. So the $11.99 spent on the hotel drink mug is a great deal for them. I've got to believe the Nescafe is the same deal. Someone needs to speak out and correct this coffee injustice. They served Starbucks at Lotusphere. That was fine except I hear there's a boycott because of an incident with our troups in Iraq getting the cold shoulder from Starbucks. I will support the boycott if true.
The Disney experience is awesome. They really are the best at creating a magical experience. I commented to my wife that I felt that the cast members were really nice this year. I thought I was seeing a decline the last few years and now I felt it's gotten better. If all I can complain about is the coffee, that can be worked around. It would make my day to see a different coffee sponsor though.


Well Curt, the BEST coffee spot was the Starbucks coffee bar and flavor station. They had EVERYTHING, and was a polar opposite from the boiled 'bucks they served at the Product Showcase. It was, btw, located in the Lotus BP Lounge.

There was a recommendation by Theo Heselmans for a Meet the Bloggers lounge, wherein I suggested-via-comment a relocation of this coffee bar setup.

I hadn't heard about such a boycott, but I'd "snopes" it (this is circa 2004) before you join the cause (which I would if such a thing were true mind you...)!
Congrats on your Idol showing. I heard you did a great job!
Thanks for the info.
Somewhat off-topic: I stayed eight nights at the Dolphin and wanted a refrigerator for the room. When I grumbled about the $12/day, they offered to empty the minibar for $20 so we could use it as our fridge. Worked great for leftovers and drinks and cost $76 less than renting another fridge.
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