Friday, January 11, 2008


Broke under 240lbs today

I probably shouldn't but I do. I weigh-in every morning. Today, the scale said 239. A small milestone but I'd really like to stay under 240 for good. Weekends are the roughest for cheating. Wish me luck. Maybe I can even eat veggies and yogurt at Lotusphere and stay under 240.


Congrats Curt.
Congrats, keep it up. Looking forward to the good report on Monday.
Yehh... Keep on going.. :-)

Try to keep it up... also at Lotusphere... I hope i stay te same weight in the US... The plates are bigger then in Europe.. ;-)
Everything is bigger in Disney World. Food, Drinks, Rides and the best tech conference in the World!
Staying the same weight will be a good goal for Lotusphere.
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