Thursday, January 10, 2008


Argghhh! I've missed the one Hands on Session I wanted to go to.

For the first time, Lotusphere is accepting reservations for Hands on Sessions. I had the email in my inbox this morning and rushed to try and reserve. No luck, it's gone already. There's a good chance that I would be turned away at the door because it will be a popular session. Maybe it's good that I might as well make another choice now.
The session is
"HND104 Implementing AJAX and JSON in IBM Lotus Domino Applications "
Speakers: Henry Newberry, Scott Good
Hopefully, I can get the materials and run through them at home when I get back. I did that before with one of their hands on sessions and it was fine. Maybe I'll be in line at the Wednesday night party with Henry again like I was at Sea World and I can hound him with questions. :)

Lesson: Be ready to make adjustments on the fly at Lotusphere.

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Interesting. A fellow from Europe emailed me and made the comment that this email for pre-registration went out at midnight U.S. time. Our friends in Europe had a head start.
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Stay tuned.
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