Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Winter road rage

I spend much of my commute to work cussing under my breath. People ride my bumper, pass like hell right in front of the road merge and all kinds of other idiot moves. But my most favorite this time of year is the guy with the ice missiles on their car. I saw a car yesterday that only cleaned off the a small spot on their driver side windshield. They could not see out of any other part of the car. Of course, he was spewing ice missiles all over the rest of us. I have no idea what kind of brain allows this to happen. My brain tells me that your not going to be able to see, it will fly all over everybody and it will melt all over my garage if I don't clear it off. Glad to hear this mornings news report that it's a $100 fine and the state will be ticketing.

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