Monday, December 10, 2007


New Lotusphere Sessions database available

Ben Langhinrichs has already posted the Lotusphere sessions database. It's early but it's got the current dates and times for sessions. This is an awesome planning tool. As usual, it's difficult to decide which sessions to attend due to conflicts. This year, if this schedule is accurate, I'm seeing times where I don't see a session I really want to see and other times when I'd like to see three sessions. It begins with the jumpstarts on Sunday. The first and last sessions I may not need to get up for/stay out for. Then, I see 4 jumpstarts I'm interested in at 10:30 AM. This conflict thing is especially aggravating when you want to focus on a couple things and those two things are conflicting. Like on Wednesday, Advanced UI Design and a session on Reporting in Lotus Notes. Again, during the week, I see times when there's nothing I'm interested in but times where there is a conflict with some of my "must see" sessions.
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Hey Curt,

Well...Wednesday is a no-brainer. Advanced UI Design, of course! ;-D
I don't know Chris. Check out what Julian is talking about on his blog today. Do you have a funnier incident than the one he's talking about? Would you admit it?
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