Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Image resource behaves like he wants to

Why do image resources behave like a good image resource my Notes Designer? I add the image and click on it to add code. HE SHRINKS like a scared puppy. I thought there was a way you could hold a keyboard key and then click so this would not happen. I couldn't remember the combination. So I added a bunch of these and then had to access the picture properties and reset the Scaling(%) back to 100x100. There's a reset button that does the trick. Weird behavior indeed?

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Yeah, I hate that. If you are not using the 100% scaling you have to figure out what you had it set to before it resized itself. Recently, I have been using image resources with a default hotspot on them and seem to be having less problems with those. At least with left clicking. Focus goes to the Default Hotspot and not the Picture.
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