Monday, November 26, 2007


How to keep a document locked in Lotus Notes

I've been struggling for weeks to understand why some documents will not unlock when a user closes a document. We know the user has closed the doc and gone home for the day but the document still shows locked and no one can edit the document. It's one of those issues where you'd like to record the user's every move. Last week, a user called me and gave me some insight while I interregated them. They open the database and a tab appears for the opened database. They edit the document. Somewhere in the fog of work, they close the tab that appeared when they opened the database and the edit document tab is still open. Now, they open the database again from their workspace and edit the document again. Would you believe the client opens up another tab with the document in edit mode? Now they have the document in edit mode in two tabs. They can create a save conflict now and after they close both documents, the document continues to be locked. One of my databases has this occur a couple times every day. I've got to believe this is not the only way to achieve this issue but another user today told me that this happened to them too.
If anyone else knows of any record locking issues, please enlighten me. Cheers.

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