Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Bummer, was looking forward to the sandals at Lotusphere

We got a notice that there will be no sandal giveaway at Lotusphere. This got me to thinking of the top 5 freebies at Lotusphere last year.

1. I followed the TLCC vendor around on Wed. of the conference wearing they're tshirt. It took some groveling but I did win the first USB 1GB drive. It's got plenty of use this year. I did buy they're cert update course. :)

2. Sandals from Ascent. (I believe that was the vendor. They're put away for the winter) Hope a vendor has them again this year.

3. Unofficial Lotusphere tshirt is always my favorite shirt to get. I love to collect tshirts at the conference but this one's the most creative.

4. USB desk light scored at the IBM usability labs.

5. In ear headphones. Kitty and Warren shared with me. They score a huge bag of goodies and shared with us.

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