Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It's over

I just hope this time A-Rod is not blamed for the post-season loss. It takes a team effort to win. What did Jeter do? He won't get the blame. Wang, where were you? One decent outing from Wang would have extended the season. Can we please get one dominant starting pitcher for next year?
At least I have my Cowboys to cheer for the winter. They really pulled one out last night.

Steinbrenner will be fool if he lets Torre go. There will be an exodus of players this winter and next year if he goes. If anyone has to go, it should be Guidry. I'm sad to say that, but even overlooking the starting pitching which was racked by injuries for much of the year, he's got to take the blame for the sorry state of the bullpen, which was hopelessly weak even at the times when the "they're overworked" excuse didn't really apply.
Torre should get coach of the year for bringing the team out of the basement to the playoffs. ESPN is saying he'll be fired this week. Players know it's on them for the losses. They're mostly All-Stars. They're big boys who know what it takes to win. I don't see blame in Guidry. Don't forget all the young pitchers that did well for the Yanks this year. Real Estate is Location, Location, Location. Baseball is Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. Dice K cost $150 million and he had a "decent" year. Where will the Yanks be if they get Santana? What will the Yanks have to give up to get him? One great arm added to the staff and good hitting ALL year will cure all ills.
I think the Yanks can absorb losing A-Rod, and Rivera. But if they lose Posada, that will be a big loss -- to the team and especially to those young pitchers. Jorge had a career year offensively, but he should get a medal for what he did behind the plate, handling so many different young pitchers so well. The Yanks have had great catchers like Berra, Dickey, and Munson, so it's not fair to compare. But Posada stacks up pretty well IMHO. He will be very difficult to replace.
I agree totally. Posada was under rated considering the year he had. He was consistent all year. His defense has been great and the batting average speaks for itself. For ARod, I wish he would take a reasonable salary in exchange for a chance at the World Series title. The fans would give him some slack if they knew he could be paid more going somewhere else. He could say he's given salary room for others. Alas, the chance of that with Boras as his manager is slim. But honestly, he's made the millions. How many more millions does he need ? Now, World Champion is something he needs. GET SANTANA!
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