Monday, September 10, 2007


We're Tight, Ahhright!

Luther League at Hammonasset Beach State Park 9/9/07
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Had a great time with the Luther League at Hammonasset Beach State Park on 9/9/07. I've not been camping in a long time and it's been 20 years since I've been to this beach. Glad I remembered the way down and we didn't get lost. The youth were great and I enjoyed chillin' and getting to know them. We were first worried we wouldn't enjoy the band playing for the weekend entertainment. They were a hip-hop Christian band. My daughter said it best, "I think I'm going to be nauseous". (With a very serious face) I couldn't offer any hope because I was feeling the same way. Then, they did a serious song that sounded good the first night. The female singer was great; America Idol material. Then, I started getting into the beat and band. Still can't say I dig the rap stuff but we ended up having fun. The kids even wanted to hang with the band and get autographs/pictures/cd's.
I enjoyed the young minister who gave the sermon's. He repeated himself a few times but still inspiring all the same. It was fun to attend a contemporary Sunday service. The woman singer did the music mostly. At the end, we did have more hip-hop but it was fun. There was the usual program I'm familiar with as a Lutheran. Weather was great and we didn't get any rain. It was hot and we did get a few hours on the beach. Not like NJ in any way. The CT beach is rocky, no waves and the water is murky.
We had a great time!

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