Friday, September 07, 2007


Shopping Cart in Domino

This week, I've been working on a shopping cart application in Domino. In searching the forum, I came across a demo application from Check it out here. I've got more to do but so far it's working out. I did come across a couple challenges. The biggest was an issue that drove me crazy for a while. The cart was not accumulating items. If I added one item and then went back to get another item, I'd lose the first item. They're sample database worked fine but my integration with my application didn't work. Long and short of it was that the application was creating two cookies. One cookie had the database name in caps and the other was in lowercase. The cookie code, if you will, didn't see the first cookie created from one form and the second form created a second cookie. I haven't yet checked in out fully but I suspect that one form is not converting the name to lower case and the other is. To resolve quickly and to check my theory, I simply changed the name of my database to all lower case and the cart started working properly. What do you want for free? There are some javascript errors too. One is looking for a cartid field that's not on the form and the form is not set up to pass the field. I just added the field and checked the proper form property and that one went away. Not sure why the JavaScript needs that field, yet.
The next interesting part of this will be the sending of credit card info to VeriSign. How do you test that? I guess I'll have to order stuff from my site with my credit card. Fun is.

You should be able to just do an authorization against your cards without actually charging against it. I bet the card companies have a dev site that you can go against or something like that.
Awesome! Thanks, man. I should get into it sometime this week.
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