Friday, May 11, 2007


The things we forget!?

Wow, did I ever get stumped on one today. I was reviewing a new database someone asked me to support. They have a few enhancements they'd like done. The database has document security and they were looking at hiding some data from certain groups of people. I started looking at the roles in the database and the Reader and Authors fields. I couldn't understand why I was able to read the documents because I didn't have the role the Readers field was calling out. I searched for other Readers fields and could not find one. The particular role was not even in the ACL. Off to for clues. I found a mention that Authors fields grant Reader access too and I had both roles in the Authors field. Totally forgot about that from my certification studies. I looked it up in my old R5 cert book and it's clear there.
Quote: "If a Readers field and Authors field are both included in the document, and a name appears in the Authors list but not in the Readers list, the user has reader access to the document." Confusing and I couldn't find this written clearly in the Notes Help documentation. Fun stuff for a Friday.

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