Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hurray! My blog finally upgraded successfully. New themes in Google too.

It took months but now it appears I'm in the new version of I must have customized too much and threw a wrench in the works. Anyway, did you see the new "themes" in Google. I'm using the beach theme of course. They have Bus Stop, City Scape, Sweet Dreams, Tea House and Seasonal. Cool!

WOOT! I'm on the top fold of tab 2... :)

Looks good man - will have to check out the Google themes.
You betcha Chris! I'm always reading you.
Curt, how do you get the blogs on the page like that? I searched and searched... :(
From your personal homepage in Google, choose Add Stuff in the top right corner. Then there's a link just to the right of the search box called Add by URL. Paste in the RSS feed URL. Presto!
So easy! Thanks!
Thanks for this info. I have had a Google account for a while now (for analytics) but never really explored the personal home page. I'm usually behind on these things (as well as my blog reading). This inspired me to take a look at it. The only disappointment so far is that the only 'gadget' that allows you to display Analytics was not developed by Google and is not as seamless as I would like (you have to click on it each session in order to get it to display). Regardless, thanks again.
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