Monday, February 05, 2007


Super Bowl thoughts

It was a fun Super Bowl to watch even if one of your teams were not in the game. I was cheering for Peyton Manning. I have a pet peave over critics to claim your career is crap if you don't win the Super Bowl. They just want to create controversy and there's no reality to their opinion. The fact is that it takes a team effort to win a championship. I don't agree that Manning should have won the MVP when the story of the game was the defense and the running game. What if the opening kickoff touchdown for the Bears ended up to be the winning point spread? Would it be Manning's fault? Manning won a Cadillac for winning the MVP. I hope he buys a Cadillac for his offensive line. The running backs were awesome too. It again shows that it takes a team effort to win big. It's been the reason for the Patriots recent success. It seems that they taught the Colts the most important lesson and the Colts figured it out too. Enjoy the success.

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