Saturday, January 20, 2007


Travel woes

The story so far on my Lotusphere trip is the trouble we've encountered. First, note to self, be more assertive. We got to the airport a couple of hours early. We should have tried to hop on the 10am plane because our luggage did. When we got to the airport, we stood around waiting for our luggage for 45 minutes before we reported it missing. Come to find out, it took the earlier flight and was waiting for us. Cool thing about the flight was that Geno Auriemma, who coaches the UConn Women's basketball team, was right behind me getting on the plane. We rode the monorail to the terminal with him. He seemed tires so we just said Hi. Second problem was when we entered our room to find we had a musty room with double beds and a broken faucet. There's three adults and we ordered a room with 2 queen beds. While my wife laid down for a bit, we went down to ask for another room. This one was on the first floor so we took a look before we went up to the fourth floor to get my wife. We walked in and saw a nice room. Only problem was it had one bed. Not good and she said this was the only room left working with 2 queen beds. Back to the front desk. We tried a different cast member. This one worked and the room is nice facing Epcot. Third problem happened last night after a long day doing the Magic Kingdom Keys to the Kingdom tour (Awesome!) and the Epcot death march. My wife was exhausted and skipped the Illuminations fireworks. My sister-in-law and I headed to the hotel and she stayed downstairs to make a phone call and etc. I tried my room key in the room I could swear was my room. Room wouldn't unlock. I didn't want to bang too hard and wake my wife. I waited for my sister-in-law about 10 minutes and then headed downstairs. I found her at the bottom of the elevator and we went up to try her key. Didn't work. We went to the front desk and got new keys and came back up. Didn't work with the new keys. Went down to the front desk and came back with the front desk clerk and a master card key. Didn't work. Went back down and got the metal key. We finally got in.
Hope that's it for trouble. Looking forward to today and hooking up with the BALD bloggers.
We're still having a great time even with all the troubles. Next post, I'll write some stuff about the tour at Magic Kingdom.

Hey Dad,
Our game today didn't go very well. We played the oldest team on Elks. Mr. Pierce said they were all juniors. The beat us 56 to 20. I got the first point, though, with a foul shot, and I made a couple other baskets. Molly made a lot, and Steph made 2 out side the key and A THREE POINTER. Haha it was really cool. It was fun even though we lost. Practice is on Monday this week. Mr. Pierce is going to pick me up to get there.
Mom didn't tell me that you had so much trouble with your room! I hope everything is ok now. :D
Love you!
Thanks for the update. Glad you had a good time. Sorry about the score but it will only make you guys better if you don't get down and learn from the loss. I'm glad you see the good through the bad. Love you!
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