Sunday, January 14, 2007


New game for iPod - Suduko

I discovered this gem yesterday in the iTunes store. I enjoy playing this game for a couple reasons. First, it's a number puzzle game. I find these relaxing. Second, it's an excuse to put my headphones on and listen to tunes. Now with this game being on my iPod, I can do both in the one unit. Cool! It has nice graphics. The navigation is great. I'm often swearing at the click wheel when using it in the iPod menu. It seems to click on the item above or below the one I want. In this game, the picking of numbers is better. If you want to cheat, this game makes it easy and you don't need an eraser. I found the Hard puzzle not too hard but the next level is very hard. It keeps some points and unlocks some other puzzles/scenery as you progress. The other nice feature is the Newspaper mode. You can add puzzles from the newspaper or any other source. Only drawback is battery eating. My iPod's a year old and I may need a new battery soon. I'll need to bring a battery booster/charger if I want to last my whole trip next week. For $5 and a quick download, it's well worth the price. I'd like to see more simple games like this for iPod. I find that some of the simplest games can be the most addicting.
Enjoy and Rock On!

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