Tuesday, January 16, 2007


New attractions in Disney Parks

Here's a note of new fun at Disney World as the Loti (Lotus Developers, Admins, and etc.) prepare to invade the land of Mickey for the annual Lotusphere conference. Disney is constantly adding new attractions. Here are a few if you intend to take some extra time and see the parks.(My wife is the Disney expert and this mostly comes from her studying of the discussion boards)

Mount Everest - Loti will get a chance to experience this new coaster at Animal Kingdom for the Wednesday night party. My wife and sister got a special preview of this ride last January. A thoughtful cast member invited them for a ride when Disney was only allowing cast members and friends. I wouldn't call the sister's thrill ride types but they enjoyed it. They had to sit down and catch their breath for a while. They were excited to get the preview.

Nemo show - In the place of the Tarzan Rocks show at Animal Kingdom, there's a new show starring Nemo. All I know is that it has puppets and people are enjoying it.

Clam ride - They've built clam mobiles and a tour of The Living Seas.

Updated GM display at Test Track - I enjoy Test Track and the GM display. It's the only time you can sit in a new car/truck and not be hassled by a sales person.

New Pirates - There's some new stuff in the famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones are among the pirates. I'm told the rides been refurbished.

Monster's Inc. Laugh Club - Did not get good reviews when it opened in Magic Kingdom. Maybe the crowd was throwing tomatoes? It's closed till they make it better? It was over behind Buzz LightYear.

Note that Splash Mountain, Mexican boat ride(my wife's favorite), Rockin' Roller Coaster(opens middle of our week) will be closed for repair.

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