Sunday, January 21, 2007


Jumpstart day at Lotusphere

Just a quick note on day 1 at Lotusphere for me. I had a difficult time choosing my sessions. I went to the SOA, AJAX, Blog Template and Testing Jumpstarts. The SOA session was tough for an 8am start. It was a little dry and no examples. Too much lecture for my ADD. Good news though that Notes 8 will have a Web Services consumer capability. The AJAX session by Scott Good was better but there was a very beginner intro to JavaScript. That took up the first hour and not all of it related to AJAX. I did enjoy the AJAX part and Scott is a good speaker that can hold your attention. I'll definitely check out his blog for the examples used like the address book lookup, type-ahead and AJAX views. The Blog template Jumpstart had the two authors of the IBM blog, Steve Castledine and Declan Lynch of the Blogoshere OpenNTF template. They did a great job explaining the importance of blogging and a overview of how to customize your blog using these Notes templates. I had the opportunity to meet Declan last night and he's done a great job on this template. He notes the new version 3 template may be available in a couple weeks. I only lasted an hour in the final Jumpstart on Testing in Domino. I'll have to read the notes. I needed to get some work done and check out some football... Now heading over to the welcome party. Go Pats!

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