Thursday, January 04, 2007


Five things you may not have known about me

Following the lead set by the other Lotus bloggers and invited by Joe "aka Little" Litton(that little known fact was very romantic :) )
Here's my list:

1. I've been to Europe but I've never seen it. It's sort of a riddle. My dad was stationed in Germany in the Army and my mom was there too. I was conceived there but born in the good ol' U.S.
2. My real first name is Harry. I'm a Jr. My first son is the third. My parents always called me by m middle name "Curt". Or when they were angry at me, Curtis. My first name comes from my great grandfather and my middle name comes from my great grand mother's maiden name.
3. I'm a direct descendant of one of the founding fathers of Hartford, CT. His name was Rev. Samuel Stone.
4. My 6th, 7th and 8th grade traveling basketball team went 75-0. In high school, I was the captain of the basketball team. We won our league, league tournament(I sank the winning shot at the buzzer) and district. Our best player sprang his ankle before the quarter finals of the state tournament and we lost. I'm 6'2" but I could dunk in high school.
5. I have 1086 Grateful Dead and 439 Jerry Garcia songs on my iPod, so far. I have 7440 songs total. 20% of my song collection on my iPod is Grateful Dead related. (I didn't even know that about me.) Many of my songs are well over the 3 minute average. I could play it straight through during the Lotusphere conference and never play the same song. (If you don't count all the live repeats I have) :)

Pass the ball --> Chris W, Chris B, Ray, Rob, Rocky

WOW! I've been slowly loading my iPod ...over 1,000 tunes, but nowhere NEAR you! And I have zero Dead tunes so far. I've got work to do!
I noticed that "normal" people load songs. "Old School" people load "albums". I load "albums" and full concerts. It adds up fast. My count went up after this post. I downloaded a new Gov't Mule show from New Year's Eve that's 4 discs worth.

Rock on!
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