Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Day 2 at Lotusphere

Went hard today covering the conference from BOF to BOF. (Birds 0f A Feather) Interface and usability were themes today. The BOF had some good dialog and was a good primer for the presentation later in the day. Today was Nathan Freeman day as I got a heavy dose of him. He's a character and was full of idea's. Things that come to mind were using layers, color pallete(he used a fantastic web site to assist in this, ColourLovers ), good use of white space and etc. First time I can remember the show spending any time on interface and usability. Great stuff! Tons of code and examples today in the sessions I attended. Here's a quick list and hopefully I can expand on this after the conference. Javascript toolkits and all the cool elements you can quickly add to your site. Extending and understanding the Blog template recently added to Notes/Domino. Nice job here by Sean Burgess and Jon Von(awesome use of Flash presentation; will check this out later)! Ray Bilyk did a nice intro to upgrading your old apps to 6 and 7 versions. This lead in nicely to the Interface Matters with Chris Blatnick and Nathan Freeman. Lots of great demo's of old and new makeovers. My finishing BOF was the meeting of some of the most talented developers in the Domino world. Great interaction and the room was packed. Nice job as always to Bruce Elgort.
I finished the day going down to Planet Hollywood for dinner with some old friends from previous job. Awesome! Plan on seeing them tonight for the Robert Cray concert. Off to day 3!

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Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Your welcome. You're session with Chris was one of the best of the show. I'm not the only one who says so. I heard this comment from a couple other people. It's the first time I can remember from my 5 Sphere's that any time was spent on interface and usability.
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