Monday, January 08, 2007


Bloggers Annual Lotusphere Dinner(BALD) & Wed. Party Rumor

Plans are being made. I see Bruce and Joe have mentioned the annual get together is on for Big River on the Disney Boardwalk. It's for 3pm Saturday before Lotusphere gets rolling. I wish we could do this monthly. Truely looking forward to seeing everyone again. All are welcome.

My wife found talk about the Wed party rumor on the Disboards she follows daily. There's more rumor talk on the Turtle's Unofficial Lotusphere site. I really enjoyed SeaWorld last year. I'd really like to see a good live band. If they do have it at Animal Kingdom, as the rumor suggests, I could be persuaded to check out The Robert Cray Band over at the House of Blues on the same night instead. I've got mixed feelings about the party being at Animal Kingdom in the dark. I enjoy the park during the day but I'm not sure it will be that great at night. Although, it may be the first time I ride the new Everest ride and there's free beer/food.

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